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2017 is winding down and much like the beginning and the middle of the year, it is dwindling down fast! This year has seen its highs and lows in many different aspects. Whether personally, professionally, politically, socially I think we can all agree that our world has been moving so quickly. Hopefully, you have had time to really live, make memories, enjoy your family, and worked towards the goals that align with your life's calling and purpose!

As a way to support you as you finish your year strong, The Vision+Strategy Brunch in partnership with Sable B. of Real Brown Girls, Tiffany Huff of Coffee & Clarity, and Courtney Richardson of The Ivy Investor will be offering an end of the year virtual meetup (ie. webinar) to share our tips and strategies for finishing 2017 strong and beginning 2018 strong. 

Here's what we'll cover: 

  1. Moving past mental blocks + unlocking your confidence
  2. Cultivating Clarity and aligning your goals with your true desires
  3. End of Year Managing Money Matters
  4. Tips for Planning +Executing: A Successful Q4

Join us! RSVP to attend and invite a friend. We will answer questions during live Q+A.

Meet Our Amazing Speakers for The Smart Women Finish Strong Virtual Workshop!


Courtney @TheIvyInvestor

Courtney will share tips on evaluating your current financial status and ways to make adjustments that will get you on a great footing by the end of the year and started on 2018!

Courtney Richardson is the Founder of The Ivy Investor, the resource for women seeking to understand the investment world.  Courtney is a current attorney and former financial and investment advisor with over fourteen years experience. 

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Sable B. @RealBrownGirls

Strategy: Sable is a straight shooter. You tell her the problem and she devises a plan to get that gets you to your desired career and professional goals. Sable will be sharing ways to finish 2017 with a plan.

Sable B is the Founder of Real Brown Girls, providing resources, inspiration, and events for women of color looking to be fulfilled in life and career. Sable is a current Program Director with a background in education, French, and African American Studies. Her mission is to see women living as opposed to simply surviving.

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Tiffany will share ways womencan use reflection AND self care as a part of their strategy for success.

Tiffany Huff-Strothers is a wife, mother, an Author, Self Proclaimed Comeback Queen & Founder of the soul- nourishing Tiffany Huff Experience, which is inclusive of the life-changing Coffee & Clarity sessions, The Reinventing You Podcast The Write For Your Life MasterClass, and When She Thrives. She is passionate about helping women reinvent themselves, during transitions from their worst setbacks to major comebacks.

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Cassandra will be sharing ways to cultivate your personal vision, overcome mental blocks, negative self talk and the key to prioritizing your goals for an effective and productive quarter and new year!

Cassandra N. Vincent is a Personal Development Coach, Empowerment speaker, author and founder of The Vision+Strategy Brunch women’s leadership series. Cassandra is passionate about empowering women to live purposeful live aligned with their most authentic desires.

Your Vision Matters: 3 Questions We Should All Ask Ourselves

It's Not Too Late To Reach Your 2017 Goals.

Ladies, I hope you are enjoying your summer season and that you are getting much needed intentional rest and relaxation. Whether you are traveling or ‘stay-cationing’, I hope that you are taking in every moment with as much gratitude and grace that your soul can take!

As you are cruising through summer, I know many of you, like me, your dreams and vision for life is still very much alive and buzzing in the background of your mind. Well, I want to remind you today that rest is absolutely essential and serves your ability and capacity for building the life and legacy you desire. As you gear up for getting back to goal setting and building, take the time to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I REALLY want for my life RIGHT NOW?
  2. What is my focus REALLY producing?
  3. Who and what do I need to support the changes I am creating in my life?

Today, I want to remind you, in the words of Lupita Nyong'o, “No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.”

Your dreams are valid because your life has purpose!  So as you ease back into the “back to school” “Fall is almost here” grind, remember that every desire you have for your life, your family, your children -- matter. They matter greatly. It is going to require great focus, clarity, action, and having the right relationships and networks in place to support your growth. Make time to serve the space that you want to reside in personally and professionally. August is literally in a few days -- but it is NOT too late to create your personal vision and begin working towards it.

The fruit of our actions and our dreams are so essential because we know that they are bigger than us and will not only serve us but also generations to come. No matter what stage or where you are in taking steps to make your vision reality, it is all valid.

“The new seasons you want in your life will require planting the right type of seeds in THIS season. We each have the ability to cultivate the type of garden we want to eat, live, and grow from.”
-Cassandra N. Vincent

So today, take time for some intentional reflection. Put the phone down. Pull out your journal. Listen to your heart and write out your truest desires and then begin to jot a SIMPLE plan (actually first steps) to realizing those desires.

Need help getting started, contact me: